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About Us

A dream-like holiday at the most untouched corner of the North Aegean. Its name meaning selected and enjoyed, Berceste Hotel welcomes you with a magnificent panorama.

An extraordinarily exhilarating dream castle which totally challenges the lifeless patterns of the contemporary Turkish architecture, overlooking a desolate and magnificent panorama in the actually most untouched corner of the North Aegean. 

A breathtaking view… slopes, live groves and volcanic rocks everywhere. So clean a sea of inestimable clarity some 350 meters below and a world which has not yet disappeared in a world of noise and in which people who may speak and share the language of quiet and tranquillity.

About Us-Berceste

Berceste Hotel: Where Is It?

Berceste Hotel is located in the Sivrice District of the Bektaş Village of the Town of Ayvacık in the Province of Çanakkale. Overlooking the Aegean Sea and located in a position nested in the nature, the Berceste Hotel offers its guests a quiet and peaceful holiday opportunity. 

Our Rooms

While the rooms with sea and nature view of the Berceste Hotel entirely designed and built of wood and stone in a manner specific to the region have such amenities as bathroom, restroom, uninterrupted hot water, iron and lockers, you can have a tranquil and pleasant holiday accompanied by the bird calls and sheep bells. 

Coast - Beach

Rather appealing to those who want to have a holiday in an untouched and secluded place in the nature, the Berceste Hotel allows you to have walks in its neighbourhood filled with olive trees and thyme odour and reach the sea which is just 300 meters away.

Food - Beverage

Having its own garden, the Berceste Hotel offers you dinner with sea food and olive oil vegetable dishes while preparing a complete village breakfast including region-specific jams, natural milk, egg, organic vegetables and fruits. 

Berceste Hotel Privileges

Especially appealing to those who want to have a holiday at a peaceful spot enveloped in nature in the Assos region, the Berceste Hotel promises its guests pleasant moments in its splendid garden in addition to its stone and wood architecture that has adapted itself to the region. Further, while it allows you to take long nature walks in its neighbourhood filled with large and dense vegetation, olive trees and thyme odour, you will also have a chance to sip your drinks and taste delicious Aegean specialties in its large garden. 

You can also make your reservation in order to benefit from the privileges of the Berceste Hotel, which also has a parking lot for those guests who will come by their private cars, and take your place in this tranquil and unique environment as soon as possible.

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